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"No One Who Can Rise Before Dawn Three Hundred Sixty Days A Year Fails To Make His Family Rich"

- Malcolm Gladwell

There are no short cuts in life just pure 100% sweat as outlined in the ‘Outliers’. A book I have read again and again. In this book, Malcolm Gladwell shows the importance of hard-work in life is the key to success. Gladwell says that to be an expert at anything one must dedicate at least ten-thousand hours of practice. No one is born a genius and that it becomes unnecessary to have an IQ beyond a 130 IQ score. Your environment, the opportunities bestowed upon you and the freedom one is given, is rather what separates the mediocre from the talented or even extraordinary success.

I attended a sports day in a primary school where everyone got a price for participating. There were no winners or losers. Maybe this will boost confidence in this generation but in my time there was fierce competition. Competition in school where you were graded according to the marks you attained in your class examinations.

At home, there was more competition and jostling for that front row amongst your siblings.

How then do we expect to be good at what we set up to do by being rewarded by our mere participation?

I could be wrong here but then the “3 little pigs story” comes up again and again.

A friend once told me that the training I went through as a child, in a third world country and mostly in England, was to train me to work in an office environment, with pen and paper. In that era, where one dialed to make a phone calls instead of speed dialing, and every telephone number you dialed, you dialed that number from memory.

I am beginning to believe him now that Microsoft Word corrects your spelling and grammar as you write.

So I begin to ask myself …
Is education necessary in this day and age beyond the 3Rs and learning how to count your money?

We are often reminded that we are in the information age and news travels very fast nowadays. Therefore most of the information one needs to get going or started in whatever venture can be accessed on the internet with video illustrations for FREE on YouTube.

So why then do we still push our children to build huge amounts in university tuition debt only for them to remain at home for years looking for the ultimate desk job which pays them a minimum wage?