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Gadgets are in control; a generation which lives by internet, mobile and cloud technology. If I were to travel from my home to Heathrow airport, 99% of me will appear on a camera should anything happen to me on my journey. Good OR Bad, the world has changed and “Big Brother” is here to stay.

  • Make the wrong tweet and you will be held accountable for it.
  • Dump your boyfriend by text or on Facebook.
  • Save on petrol by setting your parents up on Skype for the odd weekly chat.

We want a voice and now we have it. We use 38 degrees to campaign online to bring about change. Petition to force an MP to hand in his resignation.

Here are some gadgets making news:

  • Google glasses made its entry to the UK in May 2014 at nearly £1,300.00 and no doubt the price will go down as demand increases and it becomes popular.
  • Apart from SatNavs, cars are now being fitted with infotainment gizmos
  • What about 3D Printers and how the have revolutionized prototyping.
  • Smart watch with access through bluetooth to your Facebook, emails, music player, Twitter and calendar.

By far my favorite gadget is “Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband”. Maybe this is an age thing but this is what it does; it tracks your steps and the distance you have covered, the calories you have burnt whilst active, monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up without disturbing your partner (wife). This gadget uses LEDs to help you track your progress.