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How reputable are you and how reputable is your company? In other words, what are others saying about you and your company? These are the main reasons why as individuals or companies, we make the necessary effort to guarding our reputation within our community and especially, online. What others say about us has become a major factor.

Inasmuch as we provide services to the public, online reviews play an important role in the spread of information about how well we serve our customers.

“Reputation is built on trust”:- How?

If I were to meet you for the first time and come up with an offer to sell to you a ten-dollar bill for one-dollar, however the attraction of this offer, you will wonder why this idiot is trying to push such a ridiculous offer to you and a few questions like:-
(a) is he mad?, (b)  is the ten dollar bill fake? (c) is he on drugs?; ... and so on... will pop into your head.
However if you were to have information about mu character and how trustworthy I could be, although you would wonder why I was making this ridiculous offer and wondering what the catch may be, my offer will seem more believable to you.