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I got into Internet Marketing through a three day ‘Save The Children’ fundraising event organized by Andrew Reynolds – the man behind “cash-on-demand”. Also on stage were Armand Morin and Dan Kennedy. I wish I had known a bit more about Internet marketing before seeing them on stage. I later found out who they were. they were the big hitters in the IM industry; this was 2008.

Armand Morin told us how he generates multiple millions in online income in a year and then he made us all get up and demonstrate how big his staff was. More than half the group stood up leaving over a thousand people. He then reduced the number of those remaining standing till he finally revealed that ‘he only has 6 workers’ (impossible)! Never heard about outsourcing but now I do.

Dan Kennedy, amongst other things also spoke about how when face to face with the richest man in the world, it took Napoleon Hill, just a few seconds to make up his mind, not knowing how he was going to make it for lack of funds; the speed of decision making.

I was hooked.
I quickly learnt as much as I could but in reality, I was only comfortable with Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google. At the time, I didn’t quite understand why my EPC (earnings-per-click) were high, but now I know why.

I now understand a lot more about internet marketing, it is ‘scaringly unbelievable’. Nowadays, when I purchase products, I do so to explore for research purposes or product that will help me in my IM business.