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I have titled this:- “in pursuit of comfort” because our level of comfort is directly linked to our ability to afford that comfort. Our ability to command the income required of us to meet our basic needs and then extend this income to investing in our future, “knowledge included”. So how do we do this?

Maslow’s hierarchical needs has always made sense to me. Let me try to interpret his work the way I understand it.

‘I cannot  think beyond my stomach meaning I need food in my stomach in order for me to have that clarity of mind to begin thinking about how I would wish to invest in myself and my future.

Also, one’s level of comfort is solely determined by one’s interpretation of comfort and their ability to afford anything beyond the food in their stomach.

To think beyond one’s stomach involves positioning yourself through work skills and all other options available in order to bring in the income required.

The smart ones amongst us come out of school get trained in a trade, work in the trade, become a sole trader and expand when necessary. An example of this will be a plumber or an electrician. Another example would be a story about an elite search engine optimization membership group I joined where instead of going to university, some of the young smart cookies forked-out the ten-thousand dollar membership fee to train. After just one year, most of them were bringing in more than a hundred-thousand dollars a year. I call this smart.

Some universities have continued to train their students for the desk jobs. The irony is that, students still enrol, spend 3-4 years, accumulate thousands of pounds in tuition fee debt without finding the ideal desk job which took them there in the first place. And when they do, they get paid a minimum wage. For certain, to train as a lawyer or a doctor or an astronaut, will require a university setting but more importantly, uni’s are also offering distant learning opportunities. Open University started this in 1971 offering courses by post and on night-time television channels.

From the fast pace at which technology is influencing our lifestyle and careers, it will be wise to plan and map out our career paths while considering what it will look like in a decade, for example.