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Push that button is synonymous with “pulling your own strings” and the question is: how do you motivate yourself? What pushes you or how do you generate that spark of emotion to get motivated enough to get off to start doing the things that are necessary for ones development?

I visited a friend one day and noticed that this friend had big-brother on throughout the night. For those who don’t know what big brother is; let me try and explain very badly what it is. People are selected and confined in a house for a period of time and they are voted out of the big-brother house one-by-one, by the viewers based on whatever criteria.

Maybe it is to join in on the office conversation and even lead the conversation about the program. Did I judge? YES! But take a step back. Does my friend have the same kind of problems I have? Maybe NOT!

Some people can turn it on at will like a tap. My question is; how do they do it? Hertzberg in his research on motivation in the workplace to find out why people left handed in their notices, the answers they gave had very little to do with pay. Career advancements was first then came challenge, followed by exciting place to work and then variety of tasks.

This proves that beyond once basic needs for subsistence living, we need to be stimulated in other ways; Good or Bad!

A few decades ago, to set up a store to sell widgets; for example “diode” will require a loan from the bank manager for that and a healthy stock. Your profit is dependent on foot traffic on the shop front. Fast forward to today, you can do the same holding your store on the internet with a shopping cart and ship goods all over the world at a fraction of the cost.

The speed at which we can set up such businesses and run them 24/7 has created a different type of stimulus for variety. The question still remain – How do you get motivated; How do you push your button?